Proverbs: The Fear of the Lord is the Prerequisite for Knowing God

Date Title Text Speaker Length
07/03/19 God’s Way Is To Protect People With Integrity And To Destroy People Who Live Wickedly Proverbs 10:29 Ted Stricklin 45:08
06/26/19 God Is Good To Those Who Fear Him Proverbs 10:27 Ted Stricklin 33:31
06/19/19 Storms Reveal Our True Nature Proverbs 10:25 Ted Stricklin 31:49
06/12/19 The Wicked Will Get What He Dreads And The Righteous Will Get What He Wants Proverbs 10:24 Ted Stricklin 28:37
05/29/19 The Heart Is Delighted By What It Loves Proverbs 10:23 Ted Stricklin 30:25
05/22/19 The Blessing Of The Lord Makes Rich And He Adds No Sorrow With It Proverbs 10:22 Ted Stricklin 32:53
05/15/19 How You Spend Your Money Indicates The True Nature Of Your Heart Proverbs 10:16 Ted Stricklin 24:28
05/08/19 Blessed Is The One Who Considers The Poor Proverbs 10:15b Ted Stricklin 43:50
05/01/19 Do Not Trust In Riches Proverbs 10:15a Ted Stricklin 33:12
04/24/19 The Mouth Of A Fool Gets Him Into Trouble Proverbs Ted Stricklin 24:51
04/10/19 What’s On Your Lips Tells What’s In Your Heart Proverbs Ted Stricklin 21:34
04/03/19 Love Covers The Sins Of Others Proverbs Ted Stricklin 25:23
03/27/19 The Mouth Of The Righteous Is A Fountain Of Life Proverbs Ted Stricklin 30:12
03/13/19 Fools Do A Lot Of Talking Proverbs Ted Stricklin 35:03
03/06/19 Do You Have Integrity? Proverbs Ted Stricklin 28:19
02/27/19 People Who Are Wise Receive Instruction Well Proverbs Ted Stricklin 34:55
02/20/19 The Memory Of The Righteous Is A Blessing But The Name Of The Wicked Will Rot Proverbs Ted Stricklin 31:11
01/30/19 Laziness Produces Poverty, But Diligence Produces Plenty Proverbs Ted Stricklin 37:59
01/23/19 The Lord Fulfills The Desires Of The Righteous, But Refuses The Desires Of The Wicked Proverbs Ted Stricklin 20:13
01/16/19 Riches Do No Profit On The Day Of Judgment, But Righteousness Does Proverbs Ted Stricklin 33:35
01/09/18 How You Live Affects Your Parents Proverbs Ted Stricklin 35:21
12/12/18 The Seduction Of Stupidity Proverbs 9:13-18 Ted Stricklin 36:36
12/05/18 Wisdom And Understanding Have Everything To Do With Your Relationship To God Proverbs 9:10-12 Ted Stricklin 37:17
11/28/18 Are You Wicked Or Wise: How Do You Respond To Correction? Proverbs 9:7-9 Ted Stricklin 27:33
11/14/18 Leave Your Simple Ways And Live! Proverbs 9:1-6 Ted Stricklin 29:54
11/07/18 Obey Wisdom’s Call Proberbs 8:1-36 Ted Stricklin 40:27
10/24/18 God’s Word Is A Lamp For Your Feet And A Light For Your Path Proverbs 6:20 – 7:27 Ted Stricklin 1:09:21
10/17/18 Seven Things That God Especially Hates Proverbs 6:16-19 Ted Stricklin 42:50
10/10/18 The Behavior And End Of A Worthless Person Apart From God’s Mercy Proverbs 6:12-15 Ted Stricklin 1:06:06
10/03/18 Laziness Leads To Lack Proverbs 6:6-11 Ted Stricklin 37:18
09/19/18 Never Agree To Guarantee The Payment Of Another Persons’s Debt Proverbs 6:1-5 Ted Stricklin 28:42
09/12/18 Warning Against Adultery Proverbs 5:1-23 Ted Stricklin 50:12
09/05/18 Protect Your Heart Above All Else Proverbs 4:23-27 Ted Stricklin 41:30
08/29/18 Treasure My Words In Your Heart Proverbs 4:20-22 Ted Stricklin 26:06
08/22/18 Some Lives Getting Brighter And Some Getting Darker Proverbs 4:18-19 Ted Stricklin 39:23
08/15/18 God's Do Not Enter Sign Proverbs 4:14-17 Ted Stricklin 30:28
08/08/18 Don’t Let Go Of All You Have Learned Proverbs 4:10-13 Ted Stricklin 31:56
08/01/18 The Thing That Beautifies And Brings Honor To A Person Proverbs 4:7-9 Ted Stricklin 30:22
07/25/18 What Are We To Do With Our Father's Instructions Proverbs 4:1-6 Ted Stricklin 37:40
07/18/18 The Wise Will Inherit Honor, But Fools Will Get Disgrace Proverbs 3:35 Ted Stricklin 25:25
07/11/18 Do Not Envy A Man Of Violence Or Choose Any Of His Ways Proverbs 3:31-34 Ted Stricklin 28:27
06/27/18 Do Not Be A Contentious Person Proverbs 3:30 Ted Stricklin 33:27
06/20/18 Do Not Do Evil Against Those Who Trust You Proverbs 3:29 Ted Stricklin 40:16
06/13/18 Do Not Hold Back From Doing Good When You Have The Power To Do It Proverbs 3:27-28 Ted Stricklin 39:48
06/06/18 Wisdom Will Keep You From A Ruined Life Proverbs 3:25-26 Ted Stricklin 1:02:08
05/30/18 The Inward And Outward Effects Of Wisdom Proverbs 3:21-24 Ted Stricklin 26:50
05/23/18 It Takes Wisdom To Live Life Well Proverbs 3:19-20 Ted Stricklin 44:11
05/16/18 The Surpassing Worth of Wisdom Proverbs 3:13-18 Ted Stricklin 38:22
05/09/18 The Lord Disciplines Those Whom He Loves Proverbs 3:11-12 Ted Stricklin 42:23
04/25/18 Honor The Lord With Your Wealth Proverbs 3:9-10 Ted Stricklin 1:07:15
04/18/18 Fear The Lord And Turn Away From Evil Proverbs 3:7-8 Ted Stricklin 59:04
04/11/18 Trust In The Lord With All Your Heart And In All Your Ways Proverbs 3:5-6 Ted Stricklin 20:49
03/07/18 How To Have A Long, Peaceful And Successful Life Proverbs 3:1-4 Ted Stricklin 31:52
02/28/18 You Can Know God! Proverbs 2:1-22 Ted Stricklin 56:28
02/14/18 Wisdom's Cry Proverbs 1:20-33 Ted Stricklin 1:08:35
02/07/18 If Sinners Entice You, Do Not Consent Proverbs 1:10-19 Ted Stricklin 41:33
01/31/18 Fools Despise Wisdom And Instruction Proverbs 1:7b-9 Ted Stricklin 47:21
01/24/18 The Fear Of The Lord Is The Prerequisite For Knowing God Proverbs 1:7a Ted Stricklin 44:21
01/11/18 The Purpose And Appeal Of Proverbs Proverbs 1:1-6 Ted Stricklin 36:22